Stop 10: The Londis Store-Information

The original structure was built sometime between 1852 and 1871 based on mapping evidence. It was originally a single-storey building used as a builder’s yard and store. In 1929, John Hedgecock added a second storey and built two shops – a larger shop to the right and a smaller shop to the left, under the dormer windows where there had been an entrance to the builders’ yard.  At this point he moved to Finchdean and the property stopped being used  as a residence and builders’ yard.

It was then that Ivy Miles and Mrs Peters took over running the two shops. Ivy Miles ran the larger shop which at that time was a Newsagent, a tobacconist, provided stationery services and also functioned as a lending library.

Meanwhile Mrs Peters was selling lots of sweets in large jars, groceries, and ice cream in the smaller left- hand side of the property. Ivy Miles was there until about 1973 and we aren’t sure when Mrs Peters left.

At some point in the early 1980’s the two parts of the shop were amalgamated, probably by Mr. Jenkins who was running the shop by 1983. This was as a newsagent, stationery supplier and later dry cleaner agent and shoe repairer. The shop was then run by Mr Carter from 1989 and he changed the name to Castle Stores. By this time, it was under the franchise of SPAR. He took on providing groceries and he extended the store to the rear. It is now run by Chris Young, currently under the franchise of Londis and the shop has been further extended to the rear.

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