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Rowlands Castle Heritage Centre (Charity number 1174495)
Rowlands Castle Historical Society

Listed below is the statutory documentation for the Rowlands Castle Heritage Centre (Charity number 1174495) together with other constitutional and operational matters including those required by the Charities Commission:

RCHC Charity Commission Documents
Trustees of RCHC Registered CharityThe RCHC ‘Constitution’
Terms of ReferenceRCHC Website ‘Initial Concepts and Practices’
RCHC Website Update 2021RCHC Safeguarding Statement
Volunteering in Practice PolicyPrivacy and Security Policies
Data Protection (GDPR) Policy April 2023
RCHC AGM Reports and Minutes
Chairman’s AGM ReportsRCHC Business Plan 2022
Minutes of Inaugural AGM November 2017Minutes of AGM November 2018
Minutes of AGM November 2019Minutes of AGM November 2020
Minutes of AGM November 2021Minutes of AGM November 2022
Minutes of AGM November 2023

In 2016, the chance to purchase Peter Goss’s model railway depicting the village in 1944, led to the establishment of a registered charity, the Rowlands Castle Heritage Centre (Charity number 1174495) with the objective to “establish and maintain a museum in Rowlands Castle in order to advance the education of the public in the history and heritage of the village, its former inhabitants and the surrounding area.” Our search for museum premises continues and we aim to display the model railway as often as possible at local events, whilst simultaneously developing the website as an online museum.

The Historical Society was founded in 1988 to provide a focal point for those interested in researching, preserving and sharing the history of the village and to provide an annual season of monthly talks on historical themes, relevant to the history of the village and surrounding area, along with a season of walks and visits linked to this. 

The Mission Statement of the RCHC is to ‘Protect and Record the Past and Present, for the Benefit of Future Generations’. We believe this means looking after and cherishing artefacts and archives from the past, while noting and measuring aspects of today, so that we may be more aware of the continual changes going on around us. Both ‘protecting’ and ‘recording’ will encourage us to be more prepared for and perhaps more responsive to future opportunities and threats.

Closer Collaboration of the two Societies

Following a meeting of appointed representatives of both societies on 19th July 2022, the following proposal was submitted to their respective AGMs

Proposal for closer collaboration between Rowlands Castle Heritage Centre and Historical Society

Our Joint Aims
  • To provide a source of historical information on the village, providing a resource for residents of the village and those from further afield.
  • To provide integration with the wider local history network, including the local archives services.
  • To provide a focal point within the village for local history research, including the recording of oral history.
Heritage Centre Committee 2023
  • Alan Eyers – Chair
  • Ania Shawcross – Vice Chair
  • Prue Amner – Secretary
  • Lorraine Moriarty – Treasurer
  • Malcolm  Smith – Committee Member 
  • Caroline Bird – Committee Member, Website Editor
  • Gordon  Charlesworth – Committee Member
  • Charlie Shawcross – Committee Member
Historical Society Committee 2023
  • Tim Cowin – Chair
  • Mike Driver – Secretary
  • Brian Tomkinson – Membership and Treasurer
  • Paul Marshman – Archivist
  • Jennie Dolman – Committee Member

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