Falklands War

The Falklands War was a ten week war between Argentina and the United Kingdom. The hostilities were carried out at long distance across two oceans. While there were no overt allies, the United Kingdom benefitted from the US military base on Ascension Island in the mid-Atlantic and also had access to the latest weaponry. The Falklands War started almost by surprise, but stimulated a massive military and logistical response including the conversion of the Cunarder Queen Elizabeth into a troopship.

This is also one of the most recent military interventions when some of the participants are still alive to describe their experiences. This article benefits from the experience of four residents who were involved. One with a positive overview of events, praising the naval action involved, the others serving in the Navy at that time.

The naval officers describe their experience on two warships, both of which were subject of attack by Argentinian Mystère fighter planes carrying Exocet missiles.

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