Natural Events


Natural Events are those caused by nature, such as storms and flooding, or even pandemics such as Coronavirus and much further back, Spanish flu. If anyone has any recollection of natural events in the past that they would be willing to document, or any photos, please contact the Editor. In the course of time, the Coronavirus pandemic may also warrant recall of not just its tragic outcomes but also the compassion, generosity, social support and innovation it inspired.

These photographs, of some wintry scenes of the village and surrounding area, were taken by members of the Photography Society and included in their village calendars.

The photographs showing the flooding in Woodberry Lane in 2021 are courtesy of Rob Moriarty. Following the severe floods of the late 1990s, HCC added the depth gauge, cleared the hedgerow and replaced the three concrete pipes with rectangular slots under the bridge to ease the flow of water out of the Sling and swallow hole into the fields beyond. This remedial work has reduced the depth of the flooding of Woodberry Lane and prevented the floods encroaching on the houses in Glendale.

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