‘Newcomers’ is the title proposed for a group of residents to sit alongside ‘Landed Gentry’ and ‘Born Locally’ in the ‘People’ section of the website. It is a current proposal for describing those residents who came to live in Rowlands Castle later on in life. It is a means of differentiating apart from those residents who are ‘Locals’, as they were not born or educated in or near the village.

As ‘Newcomers’ they and their families would comprise a large part of the village population. It is considered helpful to describe them according to broad groups of occupations. The following are suggested:

Military         (including the three Armed Forces)
Medical         (doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other health workers)
Banking         (those in the financial sector)
Education     (Schools, Universities and Colleges)
Business        (working in the commercial or private sector)
IBM                (a company which once had a higher profile)
Government or Local Government
Other             (as a resident prefers)

As developed so far, the proposal includes inviting themselves or their households to describe:

Brief personal background and/or career experience(s)
When and why they chose to come to live in Rowlands Castle
Satisfaction and benefits from living here
Opportunities for participating or volunteering locally

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