A new project has been announced for 2022 and onwards, to analyse and assess the National Census returns – at ten-yearly intervals from 1841  onwards – in order to show the growth of Rowlands Castle, particularly during the twentieth century. The data can also be used to describe some of the families who were particularly significant for life in Rowlands Castle – including the ‘Landed Gentry’ resident in Idsworth, Stansted and Staunton Mansions. Economic activity in the village can also be assessed in this way.

Using the data from the 1921 census, newly available on Findmypast, Ann Page has discovered more about one of the notable residents of Castle Road, Baron Marley. Caroline Bird has taken the data from the 1911 census to analyse the work of women in the village at that time.

We also have our first searchable database of part of the 1911 census for Blendworth, Idsworth and part of Rowlands Castle, transcribed by our census volunteers, which can be downloaded as an Excel file.

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please contact the coordinator

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