Village Design Statement

Design guidance for Rowlands Castle Parish including Rowlands Castle Village, Finchdean and Idsworth Park


The village of Rowlands Castle lies in a rural part of southern Hampshire, 9 miles south of Petersfield and on the border with West Sussex. The parish of Rowlands Castle, which covers 19 square kilometres, also includes the hamlet of Finchdean and the residential conversion of Idsworth Park. These settlements share the same wonderful countryside setting and are linked through history and geology but each has its own distinctive character. Hence, common areas are addressed in the context of the parish while individual characteristics are covered in separate chapters.

Community Involvement

This Village Design Statement (VDS) has been written by residents of the parish with the full support of the Parish Council and throughout the production process, there has been extensive community consultation. Meetings, workshops, exhibitions, a questionnaire, the Rowlands Castle Association Magazine and a dedicated notice board have all helped to inform and glean feedback from residents. It is this that forms the foundation of the document.


From the description of the parish, its settlements, their environs, distinctive characteristics and the qualities valued by residents, planning recommendations (guidelines) have been identified. These are shown as highlighted paragraphs. They have been been adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance by East Hampshire District Council and now form an integral part of the planning process. This will help to ensure that any change in the parish or its settlements is based on a considered understanding of the views of the local community. The VDS should be consulted by organisations and individuals who are considering change, large or small; not just new developments or changes to existing buildings but also roads, paths, signs, aerials, cables, gardens, hedgerows and trees.  If the Second Review Local Plan, when finalised, contains changes that affect Rowlands Castle Parish, there may be a need to consider updating the Design Statement at some stage in the future.


This VDS accepts that change will continue but that this process must be carefully managed. The following chapters set out to guide and influence change in such a way as to respect local values, preserve and enhance the character and distinctiveness of the parish of Rowlands Castle.

These paragraphs only comprise the introduction to the Village Design Statement 2000.

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