Stop 2: Boundary Stone (VGR002)

Location: Walk from the flagpole towards Church on the Green. Cross the road on the left towards the bus stop. The Boundary Stone is located in the Deerleap Flint Wall, at a height of about 30 cms, behind the bus stop.

Photograph taken in 2023

  • This is the boundary stone that marked the border between the parishes of Warblington and Idsworth.
  • Boundary Stones are physical markers that identify a land boundary.
  • It is believed to be dated about 1830. The inscription is hard to read now but the letters seem to be W M, which we think stands for Warblington Manor.
  • The Parish of Rowlands Castle was formed in 1932 consisting of Blendworth Parish, Idsworth Parish and parts of five other Parishes.

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